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Open Letter to the CEO of Vienna Insurance Group

26.5.2023 – PDF – 92.55kB As concerned members of civil society from all across CEE, we are holding VIG accountable for its involvement in the fossil fuel industry and its role in the climate crisis. We call on VIG to take the responsibility of the position it occupies in CEE, to align its decisions with the scientific consensus and to act immediately, while the narrow window of time to secure a sustainable world for all is closing rapidly. In line with the demands of the Insure Our Future campaign, we urge VIG to support the world objective of limiting global warming to 1.5°C.

"End cooperation with EPH, it is destroying the climate and democracy," demanded representatives of civil society at the general meeting of Société Générale

23.5.2023 – PDF – 104.65kB Representatives of the environmental organizations Stop the Dirty Money and Reclaim Finance will speak at the general meeting of Société Générale to address the bank's management and shareholders directly. They criticize the bank for supporting the business of the Czech coal tycoon and oligarch Křetínský, whose company was recently named by the Ukrainian authorities as a sponsor of the invasion. They also consider it serious that EPH is one of Europe's largest emitters of coal emissions. It is responsible for deforestation and unsustainable biomass burning.

The Fossil Juggernaut - French Translation of Report Exposes EPH's Dark Side and Threat to Climate and Democracy

10.5.2023 – PDF – 28.27kB The French translation of the report on Czech oligarch Daniel Kretinsky and his company EPH, entitled "Comment EPH de Daniel Křetínský détruit le climat, profite de la précarité énergétique et menace la démocratie," [1] provides extensive research on this fossil company and its impact on climate and democracy.

Fossil Hyena: How Daniel Křetínský’s EPH Destroys the Climate, Profits from Energy Poverty and Threatens Democracy

26.1.2023 – PDF – 79.56kB An oligarch, a coal baron, a gas menace, a landfill and media tycoon, or a forest burner. That is Daniel Křetínský. Owner of the largest Czech company EPH, destroys the climate, profits from energy poverty, and threatens democracy. The new report, published by Re-set: platform for socio-ecological transformation, is a comprehensive capture of the harmful aspects of the business of Daniel Křetínský and his companies.

Press Release: Just Transition through the Eyes of Local People

14.3.2022 – DOCX – 18.02kB These days, the Territorial Just Transition Plan is going to be approved by the new government and submitted to the EU. Re-set: Platform for Socio-Ecological Transformation therefore releases one of the most thorough and comprehensive participatory analyses of the core issues of the just transition in the Czech Republic. The analysis maps the most pressing problems in the coal regions and offers a range of proposed solutions based on the local citizens’ needs.